Our Activities


The company develops software either itself or by outsourcing big chunks of work to other software developers, and then combines the work results into a useful product.


The company actively promotes its products and then licenses rights to distribute such products to third parties in exchange for revenue share or royalties.


The company protects its intellectual property by applying for patents in the software it develops or purchases from third parties.


The company either purchases third party software products or acquires exclusive rights for their distribution. The company then invests its resources into marketing and advertising the software products in exchange for revenue share or royalties. Zotobi occasionally sub-licenses the right to distribute the software to its partners with a view of obtaining financial gain for all the parties involved.


The company has an 8-million player database. Currently the company owns and is in the process of registering multiple trademarks having really strong and firm positions on the worldwide market. The company grants licenses to use and promote trademarks and its database to third parties.


Our company is committed to promote games on mobile platforms. We employ proven and effective marketing techniques and have a substantial experience in organizing promotion events and large-scale sweep-stakes in the US.


Developer of games for mobile platforms

Developer and Publisher of games for mobile platforms worldwide, with particular attention to Asian markets

Advertising platform for mobile games and applications

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