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Zotobi Management Limited DMCC is an application developer and distributor in the field of cross-platform social gaming, messaging and social networking services. The company's network of partners engage over 140 million users in more than 180 countries worldwide.
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What we do

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We promote Zotobi’s products as well as provide distribution rights for third parties in exchange for revenue share and/or royalties.
Software Development
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We specializing in both developing software internally or by project managing and outsourcing various projects to other software developers and combining the results to deliver on an objective.
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At Zotobi, we’re focused on the purchasing of third party software products, acquiring exclusive rights for their distribution. In the interest of diversification, we’re committed to further investing our wide ranging resources into the marketing and advertising of these products with the aim of developing successful new business models.
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We currently either own or are in the process of registering, multiple trademarks giving us a strong and firm position on the worldwide market. We grant licenses to use and promote our trademarks to third parties.
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We promote games on mobile platforms using proven and effective marketing techniques and have extensive expertise in organizing promotional events and large-scale sweepstakes in the US.



“Chartboost has been a trusted partner to Zotobi for several years and continues to be. Chartboost delivers high-quality users and great performance to our user acquisition campaigns and both parties are excited to grow and scale our partnership together.”

Bob Hollanders
Head of Demand, EMEA at Chartboost

KamaGames Ltd

“Developing our portfolio of social casino games has been made that much easier thanks to the support and innovation of the Zotobi team. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any mobile developer in a similar position.”

Unity Ads

"Zotobi has shown consistent, positive growth throughout the years of its successful partnership with Unity Ads and are incredibly pleased with the results of both companies ongoing efforts."

Katerina Kornilova
Head of Performance Advertising, EMEA

Wise Wave Advertising

“Our goal has always been to showcase innovation across multiple platforms and partnering with Zotobi has allowed us to deliver on this commitment by offering our players the highest standard of casual games available.”

My Friends Social

“It’s been a pleasure to work alongside the creative team at Zotobi. Without their expertise in social networking application development, we could not have achieved our current standing in our key markets.”

KamaGames Studio

“Zotobi’s experience in software development is second to none. Our partnership has provided KamaGames Studios with a wealth of support, giving us a number of new opportunities whilst also allowing us to deliver on a number of our own key objectives.”


Facebook has been a reliable partner of Zotobi for many years. They have helped us deliver a number of highly successful User Acquisition and Retargeting campaigns and continue to be a great supporter of Zotobi as we continue to grow our global reach.


Utilising Google’s hugely successful platform, Zotobi is able to execute marketing campaigns effectively resulting in being able to grow its user base and help its partners to achieve their desired strong results.


"AppLovin offers the complete set of solutions mobile game developers need to break through the noise and grow their businesses. Zotobi has been collaborating with Applovin on a number of marketing campaigns worldwide and we are glad to work with such a reliable partner. AppLovin connects game developers of all sizes to over two billion global users each month."


We are always interested in hearing from talented and enthusiastic professionals seeking their next challenge in the mobile games industry.

Reasons to work for Zotobi Management Limited DMCC:

Innovative Projects

We have a varied number of partners and development teams that thrive on pushing boundaries with forward-thinking creative projects.


We offer flexible start times in order to accommodate all of our busy employees and help maintain a work/life balance.

Competitive Salary

We pay truly competitive salaries and offer some superb work benefits to attract top talent from around the globe.

Happy Birthday

We will never forget your birthday - consider that a guarantee!

Help with Relocation

We know that relocating to a different city or country is never easy. We can help with finance and provide support for any other problems encountered along the way.

Employee Benefits

All of our employees benefit from substantial health care packages, contributory pension, subsidised gym membership, as well as a fully stocked kitchen of snacks and drinks.


E-mail: info@zotobi.eu

Unit No: D3, DMCC Business Centre, Level No 13, AG Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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